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Wide Dispersion of Sound

Enjoy Room-filling sound, with 3D sound image

WiSound speaker's unique design, with balanced drivers firing forward, sideways and upwards, fills any room with big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound and re-creates the music source at its full size and natural height.

Rich Feeling of Space

Feel the Full Sound Power of the orchestra in the room

WiSound technology achieves the optimal tonal balance whilst creating a "spherical response" throughout the room's space. The result is big, vivid, natural, finely-detailed sound, anywhere in the room.

Ideal "In-Room Response"

Enjoy natural, lively and balanced sound everywhere in the room

Sound reflections in a room give music much of its life and vibrancy. WiSound speakers are designed to use these reflections in all directions equally. This results to a natural, vibrant, large-scale, exciting and dynamic sound everywhere in the room

Full Sound Power

Enjoy perfectly balanced sound

WiSound's unique combination of perfectly balanced directional drivers, creates the ideal sonic balance and fullness of sound – throughout the entire room.

Deep, crystal clear Hi-Fi sound

Enjoy the best of the best

WiSound is famous worldwide for its unsurpassed pure and precise sound. Now with our multi-room system, we have combined the sound quality of WiSound with the best Wi-Fi music system, delivering the very best of both in crystal clear sound clarity.

Incredible bass down to 35Hz

Feel truly deep and powerful bass

Thanks to our integrated active subwoofer, the bass is so deep and powerful, that there is no need whatever for an external subwoofer

Streaming services
Enjoy music from streaming services
WiSound Wireless Multiroom devices not only fully support streaming services like Deezer, Spotify and Pandora, but also play music from them directly, leaving your smartphone or tablet free to be used for other purposes.
Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Analog inputs retransmission through Wi-Fi
Play your music wirelessly from any source
WiSound speakers are equipped with Bluetooth, USB, optical and analog inputs that not only allow playback from the relevant sources, but also retransmission to one or more other WiSound players, with the music perfectly synchronized.
Internet Radio with Personalized presets
One-touch access to your music with six personalized presets
A WiSound multi-room device features a number of presets that you can easily set (and change) directly on the system or with the free app. Instantly, your favorite music plays at the touch of a button, just like on your car radio..
Bluetooth equipped
Listen to your music easily and without wires, from your smartphone, tablet or computer
Your Crystal Acoustics speaker's Bluetooth receiver makes wireless connection to your handheld devices completely effortless. There are no wires, and no fuss.
Fully expandable
Start with one music player, expand everywhere
The WiSound multi-room range is a complete family of products. You can begin building your wireless multi-room system with just one WiDaptor connected to your old stereo, and later add further stereo systems or/and WiSound Wireless Multiroom speakers all around your home, as and when you want to
All the world's music in your hand
Stream music and radio via your smartphone or tablet
You can wirelessly play music streaming services and Internet radio directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device


WiSound™ is dedicated to supply the international manufacturers and local brands of loudspeakers, with:

  • the state of the art Speaker Technology Platform and Products for
  • the most realistic wide sound, in every seat of every listening area.

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