HD Digital Multimedia System with Intelligent Room Equalization

"HD Digital Multimedia Center with Intelligent Room Equalization System", in collaboration with the Audio and Acoustic Technology group from the University of Patras, BLUEdev and Ergologic, scheduled for release Dec. 2014  The aim of the project is to create a central entertainment unit that will provide full Media Player capabilities, advanced Networking features and services, and most importantly, an innovative Room Equalization system.

The final product will allow the user to enjoy his / her media library from networked or directly connected storage devices and to explore a selection of streaming services with reference quality, High Definition audio and video material. Furthermore, in order to ensure absolute sonic quality in every room, the media center will be fitted with an advanced EQ system, capable of applying automatic settings or send all measurements to dedicated Engineers via network. Our Engineers will then be able to send back a custom - tailored EQ curve, for perfect sonic results.

The user will be able to have complete control on all system parameters, with the aid of a hi-tech touch screen remote control, and specially developed software. The remote will also embed the microphone, required for all in-room measurements. The final product is scheduled for release on Dec. 2014

HD Digital Multimedia System with Intelligent Room Equalization

Enjoy music and High Definition movies, from the web and your personal digital collection Improve your room’s acoustics, automatically. Customize all functions, to your personal preference

Complete entertainment centre

Enjoy top quality audio and video, from a single device
Based on a high performance Personal Computer tuned for Home Entertainment, the central unit can reproduce high definition material through streaming, or by using local media, like e.g. Blu-ray discs.

High Definition on-line content

Gain access to exclusive, reference - grade material
The special video and audio service, gives you access to popular files as well as exclusive showcase and demo material

Intelligent remote controller with microphone and touch screen

Optimize and control your system, from one point
The remote controller which comes with the main unit, offers the following features:

Automatic Room EQ

Enjoy crystal clear audio, with no audible distortion
This innovative room EQ system can:

Remote settings optimization

Let the experts find the optimal settings for you Beyond the automated optimization system, your room data can be sent to a specialized technician, via your local network connection. The technician will then optimize the settings for you, so that you can enjoy flawless sonic performance.



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