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Crystal Acoustics is an innovative learning organization, dedicated to the continuous development of Audio Video products, acclaimed for their affordable high-end quality, with the best value for money.
The portfolio consists of Reference Quality Wireless and Home Theater Loudspeakers and Accessories for Consumer Electronics.
The company was founded with the aim of creating innovative, high quality and stylish loudspeakers. While its guiding principles of value, innovation, quality and style remain, Crystal Acoustics has now grown beyond audio to cover every aspect of Product Development for Consumer Electronics.



PARTNER-2   profile
Hi-End multi-room manufacturer
To be announced at CES

Well-known for its instantly recognizable designs and innovatively constructed products, the PARTNER-2 brand has been expanding the parameters of high-quality audio for well over half a century.
Now delivering the highest levels of multi-room functionality to its customers, PARTNER-2 remains true to its abiding principle that, even with changing tastes and fast-moving technologies, there should be no limits to the consumer's convenience and enjoyment.
This key philosophy means PARTNER -2 has created a raft of straightforward, consumer-friendly solutions featuring cutting-edge technologies that liberate and entertain consumers the world over.



PARTNER-3   profile
Hi End speaker manufacturer
To be announced at CES

It's been almost four decades ago since PARTNER-3 was created, by one man whose passion for music led him to dream of a loudspeaker that could reproduce the magical quality of music in the most direct and natural way possible.
This dream resulted in a great many stunning loudspeakers and audio drivers, which have continually redefined the art of audio reproduction and set new benchmarks for what is possible in the field.
The PARTNER -3 brand is the regular recipient of prestigious awards for its pioneering work in both personal- and home-audio performance.



PARTNER-4   profile
Traditional European loudspeaker manufacturer
To be announced at CES

Partner-4 is one of the foremost manufacturers of top-quality loudspeakers, with products that satisfy many diverse tastes. The company's philosophy is based around offering state-of-the-art audio performance to the most demanding music consumers in the world.
Partner-4 utilises a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and the most high-quality components, and through them delivers an incredibly wide range of product designs. With an absolute determination to deliver the best possible price-performance ratio, Partner-4 has achieved class-leading status across a wide range of product categories.


PARTNER-5   profile
Large American manufacturer
To be announced at CES

Partner -5 makes things easy, delivering intuitive, easy to use designs that suit the needs of today's consumers, effortlessly connecting them to people and content in the easiest and most pleasurable way possible.
To that end PARTNER-5 specialises in providing accessories and devices which enhance consumers experience of computers, games consoles systems, home theater systems, mobile devices and much more.


PARTNER-6  profile
International European retailer
To be launched in December

Scandinavian in aesthetic inspiration, PARTNER-6 delivers its unique design language with simple and elegant products that suit any home.
The PARTNER-6 range of portable speakers delivers a scintillating musical performance that can be fully enjoyed whether you are at home or on the move.


PARTNER-7  profile
Large North American retailer
To be announced at CES

Partner-7 is a company that believes consumer technology should be reliable, affordable and easy to use. The company's core belief is that tech products should make the user's life better – not more complicated. That belief informs all of its strategic decisions regarding which products to offer to its consumers
Being a part of the largest electronics retailer in the U.S. gives Partner-7 the understanding it needs to deliver straightforward, high-quality solutions. The result is quality and usability of the very highest standards, and always at a price that offers consumers magnificent value.



WiSound™ is dedicated to supply the international manufacturers and local brands of loudspeakers, with:

  • the state of the art Speaker Technology Platform and Products for
  • the most realistic wide sound, in every seat of every listening area.

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