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Balanced Up- & Side-firing drivers

Natural Spherical Omni-directional Sound with Balanced Vertical and Horizontal response

WiSound™ speakers are equipped with balanced Up- and Side-firing drivers for mid and high frequencies. WiSound™ patented Flat In-Room Speaker Response technology uses balanced driver pairs instead of traditional front firing drivers.

This way, we achieve a flat, smooth response with both Direct SoundThe sound from the speakers which reaches directly from the speaker to the listener’s ears. AND spherical Reflected SoundThe sound that reaches the listener’s ears, after being reflected on various surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor, etc.). in every direction throughout the room.

Thus smooth reflections and natural sound without colorations are formed. This patented design results in Flat In-Room Response, measured according the ANSI/CEA-2034 standard Method of Measurement for In-Home Loudspeakers.

Vertical 360 degrees radiation is balanced and equal with the horizontal 360 radiated sound power.

Balanced: Direct Sound & Reflected Sound

Balanced Room and Speaker interaction

Inside a room, we listen to two sound fields:

A loudspeaker with Flat In-Room Response, exhibits a perfectly balanced sound in every room and at any position in the room, while the reflected sound is balanced with the direct sound.

Balanced Directivity

Realistic sound from a single speaker cabinet, equipped with WiSound™ balanced drivers.

WiSound™ speakers outperform all the conventional soundbars, docking stations and wireless speakers.


Full Source Size

Feel the orchestra playing at full size, right in front of you in your room

WiSound™ technology balances the room reflections so they are uniform with the direct sound image.

WiSound™ speakers balance the total Sound Power to be at the optimum balanced level with the Direct Sound.

Spherical Response

Natural balanced sound power throughout a wide listening area

Balanced Direct SoundThe sound from the speakers which reaches directly from the speaker to the listener’s ears. and Reflected Sound The sound that reaches the listener’s ears, after being reflected on various surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor, etc.). response is the ideal response of a good speaker, with both curves being flat and having a similar shape. This is the most important and unique characteristic of our patent-pending WiSound™ Flat In-Room Response speakers.

WiSound™ technology

WiSound™ speakers are characterized by the mounting of the drivers for medium and high frequencies both at the sides, and at the top at an angle to both the horizontal and the vertical plane. The placement of drivers this way results in a flat In-Room frequency response, according the ANSI/CEA-2034 standard (Measurements at the bottom).

Advantages of WiSound™ technology
Overall, WiSound™ technology has the following benefits:

  1. The sound is properly balanced throughout the whole listening area; not just in the on-axis position in front of the speakers. In other words, the sweet spot,The narrow region in which we must be sited during audio playback to have the best sound quality. from a tight and specific area as it is with the conventional technology, widens to the dimensions of almost the entire listening area, with the instruments outlined in space, simulating live music listening conditions.

  2. The feeling of spaceIt is the feeling of being in a large space with live music. It is measured by the level difference of the Reflected Sound to the Direct Sound at the listening position. is balanced,releasing the audio experience from small listening room limitations, as the reflected sound is stronger than the direct, even in small spaces close to the speaker, but not more than what is needed for the proper feeling of space

  3. The sound is perfectly natural and enjoyable, just like in live music.

Apart from the appropriate choice of drivers and their placement as described, special acoustics algorithms developed by WiSound engineers are used.

Lastly, the Estimated In-Room response is identical to the Direct Sound response at all frequencies, thanks to the zero Directivity IndexThe difference between the Listening Window curve and the Sound-Power curve (DI = 0) of WiSound Balanced Directivity speakers.

WiSound™ speaker with up- firing and side-firing drivers.
Flat and smooth both the Sound Power all around the room and the Listening Window in front of the speaker. Ideal Directivity index = 0db

Typical speaker pair with Front firing tweeter.
Flat On-axis and Listening Window in front of the speaker and failing Sound Power response all around the room. High Directivity more than 6db.

Factors that shape the sound field
Technical features that shape the sound field in space
WiSound™ speakers
Conventional Hi-End
Conventional Hi-Fi
Balanced sum of
Direct Sound and
Reflected Sound
Flat and smooth Sound Dispersion all around
Omni-directional sound in all directions horizontally and vertically 360° with smooth Sound Power & without Sweet Spot
Directional sound from speakers of high directivity with narrow Sweet Spot
Smooth Direct Sound
Smooth LW response
+ / - 1,5 db
@ 38Hz-20kHz
+/- 1,5db
+/- 3db
Natural Reflected Sound
Full Sound Power
+ / - 1,5 db
@ 38Hz-20kHz
+/- 4db
+/- 5db
Rich Feeling of Space: Powerful Reflected sound relative to Direct Sound
Feeling of Space Index R = Sound Power - On Axis Response
Positive ≥ 0db
Negative -4db to -9db
Negative -5db to -10db
Narrow sweet spot
High Directivity Index
Ideal ≈ 0db
Large 4db to 9db
Large 5db to 10db
Reflections from walls & ceiling Sound-stage height is natural
Apparent Sound Source Size
Sound-stage height is natural without restrictions
Sound-stage height is limited by the level of tweeter


WiSound™ is dedicated to supply the international manufacturers and local brands of loudspeakers, with:

  • the state of the art Speaker Technology Platform and Products for
  • the most realistic wide sound, in every seat of every listening area.

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